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Being the most experienced provider in the region, we know how important attendance at Conventions/Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Trade Shows etc. are. That’s why we do advanced site surveys, pre-planned route analysis with back up routes establishment. We want to make sure your attendees/guests make it to their venues on time.

Whether you need to shuttle between airport, hotel, venue or between different locations, we’ll do the planning for you to keep all your guests and attendees together and accounted for. We also prepare placards to receive your guests, so there’s no delay in receiving your guests. Also, we can wrap the vehicle with your requested Brand/Slogan etc. , we just need one day advance notice.

So forget about reimbursing your employees gas money, and having them all separated and arriving at different time. Book a charter bus with us today, and let us help you do the planning, so your people can arrive together and carry on with business.

We have been creating memorable wedding trips for decades now, with thousands of satisfied couples. We know it’s the most exciting day of your life, and we’d love to be a part of it. From our sleek limousines to our ultra luxury party bus, we guarantee your wedding will be an elegant affair. Revel in your precious moments with your loved ones with all the amenities, including, u-tables/couches, neon lights, fiber optic lighting, surround sound system, and more. You can take the celebration right inside our vehicles and create those photogenic moments.

What’s more, why worry about having to designate drivers amongst you and your guests, let us take care of that burden for you. We also offer shuttle services, which can shuttle your guests between hotel, airport, and venue.

We know your causes are important to you, and that’s why we’ve been providing the best charter bus service for Political Campaigns, Demonstrations/Rallies for several decades. From presidential campaigns to religious rallies, we’ve been a trusted source for Reliable, Economic, and Safe transport for all types of organizations and causes.

You can choose from our extensive fleet of the most up to date vehicles, and being the largest Charter Bus service provider in the region, we can accommodate all your people. Why have your people all separated and driving in at different times in their cars, when you can have everyone ride together, and stay together. With our 61 passenger deluxe motor coach, you’ll have all the amenities to stay connected with each other, bond, and get work done while on the road. You’ll have a state of the art PA system, Power Outlets, WIFI, Entertainment center, Reclining seats with footrests and more. Make your voice heard in the capital city, and book with the Most experienced and top rated company.

Being the capital city of the nation, we attract global attention, and it’s no surprise, we get tourists from all over the world. We have been the capital of the united states since 1791, and as such, the history of our nation is very much tied to our city. From the monuments, Capitol Building, The White House, and museums at the national mall to the Arlington National Cemetery to the shopping haven on Elm street and Wisconsin avenue, we have been helping people explore DC metro area for several decades.

When you’re in DC no need to stress out, let us take the stress of navigating through the big city, so you can focus on enjoying your trip. If you’re in a group, renting a charter bus is the perfect way to keep your group together, and spend the time connecting with each other, than be separated, lost and frustrated in the city. We’ve got you covered, we are the number one sightseeing tour bus company in the region. We have consistently delivered Safe, Reliable, and Economic transportation to our clients over the decades.

We have been helping thousands of children experience learning beyond the pages of the text book for many years. From the Smithsonian Natural History, Air and Space, American History, African American museum to the National Zoo, there’s a lot of learning to be had in our city. We have been transporting hundreds of schools to the many points of interest in DC over several decades now.

Whether it be a Field Trip, a Greek event or any other occasion, we are the number one choice for schools. Our exceptional service, from our customer service/route planning team to our drivers and cabin crew, we meticulously plan your trip down to the last detail, so you can get the most out of your trip. With our advanced site survey, backup route establishment, and stop arrangements, your trip will be smooth and pleasant.

While you’re onboard, keep your students engaged, with our state of the art entertainment center, including plasma television, and PA system. No need to stop for a bathroom break, our vehicles are equipped with onboard lavatories. What’s more, our reclining plush seats with footrests, will ensure your students are well rested to get as much learning done as possible.

We have been the go to company for college sports teams, and fans for several decades now. We can assure you, you’ll have all the conveniences needed and more to play/enjoy your game. From our spacious luggage compartments underneath the bus to the overhead luggage compartment, you’ll have all the space to carry your equipement and luggage. Onboard you’ll enjoy plush seating with reclining seats and footrests, WIFI, Power Outlets, Entertainment Center with Plasma TV, Onboard Lavatory, Panoramic Windows, Heating/AC and more.

Our experienced drivers will ensure, you’ll arrive at your event promptly. This is possible with our advanced site survey, backup route establishment analysis program, in which your route is pre-planned. Whether it’s Construction work, Accident enroute, we have alternative solutions for any incident that may occur. This means, your event can go on as planned.

So let us help you win your game, because we are the winners in our industry, we’re the number one charter bus choice for college sports teams and fans. Contact us today to find out more; and for a FREE, no obligation quote.

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